Worm Holes and Black Holes in the Fabric of Space Time - Lan Tao, R. Joseph & Gabriel Beck

Worm Holes and Black Holes in the Fabric of Space Time

By Lan Tao, R. Joseph & Gabriel Beck

  • Release Date: 2014-10-30
  • Genre: Science & Nature
  • Size: 8.18 MB

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1: Time Is Relative: Future, Past, Present Overlap and Exist Simultaneously    
The Physics of Time    

2: Time Dilation And The Contraction of Space Time   
The Future and the Past Are Relative   
Space-Time Contraction    
The Contraction of Time    

3: The Curvature of Space-Time: Gravity and the Bending of Light and Time    
The Circle of Time    
Gravity Holes in Space-Time    
Pockets, Warps, And Holes in Space Time    
Gravity Bends Light    
Galactic Lensing    

4: Time Travel Through Black Holes in the Fabric of Space-Time    
Tunneling Through Time    
Vacuums and Negative Energy    

5: Microscopic Time Travel At the Speed of Light    
Shrinking In Time    
Length Contraction   
Photons and the Paradox of Infinite Mass at Light Speed    
Planck Length and Microscopic Holes in Space-Time   
Negative Mass and Negative Energy and the Duality of Coming and Going   

6:  “Worm Holes” In Extreme Curvatures of Space Time    
Gravity and the Layered Folding of Space   
“Worm Holes” In Space-Time   
Worm Holes and Negative Energy in Space-Time    
Time Machines Through the Tunnel of Time   

7. Worm Holes, Negative Energy, Casimir Force And The Einstein-Rosen Bridge    
How Holes Form Between Layers in Extreme Curvatures of Space-Time  
The Casimir Vacuum    
Gravity, Quantum Inequalities and Negative Energy    
Negative Energy and Transmembrane Time Machines   
The Negative Energy Negative Mass Time Traveler    

8: Black Holes And Gravitational Sling Shots       
The Future Leads to the Past   
Gravitational Sling Shots Into the Future And The Past    

9. The Time Traveler in Miniature: Negative Mass and Energy    

10: Tachyons, Negative Energy, The Circle of Time: From the Future to the Past   
Electrons, Positrons, Tachyons and the Circle of Time    
The Circle of Time    
The Positive and Negative Time Traveler    

11.    Duality: The Past And Future In Parallel    
Duality and Multiplicity    

12: The Mirror of Time: Red Shifts, Blue Shifts and Duality    
Red Shifts, Blue Shifts    

13.   Into the Past: Duality,  Anti-Matter and Conservation of Energy    
Duality and the Laws of Conservation of Energy and Mass    
The Conservation of Mass    
The Anti-Matter Time Traveler   
The Laws Of Conservation Are Not Violated By Traveling Into The Past    
The Negatively Charged Time Traveler May Never Be Able to Land in the Past